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Sketch Nation is a platform that let's you create games by drawing them. Sketch Nation is simple enough for a 6 year old yet has enough options to keep adults entertained. You can use Sketch Nation to create games in a variety of genres, and because you draw everything in the game, you can make it your own and apply it to any subject.


You can play Sketch Nation on the web at http://sketchnationapp.com




Below are a few tutorials to help you get the most out of Sketch Nation

Educational Ideas

Below are a few ideas on how to use Sketch Nation in the classroom

  • Art and Creativity

    Sketch Nation is a great way to teach about art and to develop your students creativity.

  • Engagement

    You can use Sketch Nation as a novel way to engage your students. Have them create games based on the subject matter they are learning. Reading a book? Have them create a game around what they read.

  • Creative Writing

    Once your students create a game, they can give it a name. They can also write a detailed description for the game.

  • Public Speaking

    Let your students present the game they created in front of the class. You can even hold a vote at the end of the presentations and have the students pick the best game.

  • Marketing and Sales

    Have your students try to "sell" their game to each other, or to another class. You can give each student 1 token to give to the best game. The students who gets the most tokens at the end can get a prize.

  • Computer Graphics

    Sketch Nation is a great way to teach students about computer graphics. When drawing, your students are selecting the color of each pixel of the drawing. You can explain to the how pixels make up an image and how all images on the computer are made of pixels.

  • Animation

    Sketch Nation is a great way to show students how animation is created. Students can animate their player by drawing each frame.

  • Mathematics

    Sketch Nation can be used to teach Math. Our Power of 2 genre is prefect for teaching kids addition and multiplication. The rest of our games can be used to teach kids about Math by modifying different game parameters such as the gravity or player velocity.

Real-world examples of how Sketch Nation is used in the classroom:

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  • Game Design as Part of an Integrated Project

    Mr Andrews Online

    6th grade students used Sketch Nation in a special project: Students created their own game, wrote promotional materials, designed a logo and title, created advertising materials (poster, video and blog post), then presented and marketed their games to the 5th grade class.

  • 5B become iPad game developers!

    Davyhulme Primary School

    Blog post and video of Davyhulme Primary School students using Sketch Nation to present what they learned about the book “Kensuke’s Kingdom”.

  • Game Design and Programming with Grade 1

    Browning School Technology

    The Browning School in New York used Sketch Nation to develop student’s creativity and innovation skills.

  • Create #Titanic topic iPad games in @sketchnation

    School Techie Simon

    Students using Sketch Nation to show off what they learned about the Titanic.

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