Educator Plan for Sketch Nation Create:

Learning about Egyptian Gods through Game Creation

Game creation provides an excellent platform to help children learn history, integrating well into project-based learning (PBL) activities. Many teachers use Sketch Nation in non-technical subjects like this, as our app allows for open-ended creativity, communication and peer engagement all in one.

In the Words of the Educator

Thanks to Zach Sieczkowski, a Social Studies teacher at John Adams Middle School in Edison, New Jersey, for submitting his lesson idea to Sketch Nation.

Per Zach, “While working on a chapter about Ancient Egypt, I had my students create games on Sketch Nation about different gods and goddesses, focusing on what impact each god or goddess had on Ancient Egyptian daily life.  Students were given [the] freedom of selecting any god they wanted, any type of game they wanted to make, and how detailed they wanted [their game to be]. If you are looking for a way to include a differentiated, PBL activity for your students to work on, Sketch Nation allows for your students to guide their creation.”

“This lesson plan is basic enough where it can be changed and edited for different parts of history [as well as] other disciplines of all learning levels.”


“My students not only liked making these games, but [also enjoyed uploading] their games and having their peers…[and] others around the world play and appreciate their ideas!”

Materials Required

Tablet (iPad or Chromebook), student project sheet (example below).

Egyptian Gods and Goddesses Activity

Once students have learned about Egyptian mythology and many of the gods and goddesses that were important to the Ancient Egyptians, have them put their knowledge to the test and create a game on Sketch Nation. Eventually they will be able to upload these to the Sketch Nation site so players around the world can see them!


1. Give students an overall introduction to Sketch Nation, directing them in the creation of a user account and providing a project sheet.

2. Ask students to work on building a game that showcases one particular god/goddess of their choice, including how that chosen god impacted the daily life of Ancient Egyptians. Let them choose a game genre to work with and a design level. Students should include relevant images (create or upload the main character, enemies, background and power-ups) that focus on the overall basis of the project.

3. Have students upload and share their games online via the Sketch Nation site.

4. Once their games are uploaded, ask students to submit a written paragraph about their game (includings its title and online link) to the teacher.

5. Let students spend one class period playing and assessing student-created games. Have them assess their peers’ games on creativity, functionality, and relationship of the selected god to daily life.

Project Sheet for Students

Below is an example of a project sheet that could be provided to students as part of this activity.

Now that you have learned about Egyptian mythology and many of the gods and goddesses that were important to the daily lives of Ancient Egyptians, what you need to do is to put your knowledge to the test and create a game on Sketch Nation. Eventually, we will upload these so the world can play our Egyptian games!

First, get familiar with the Sketch Nation Create app. On the Sketch Nation home screen, click “Create a Game”. From there you will see choices for the types of game you can make. Think about what activity you want to show in a game that will relate to Egyptian mythology and Ancient Egyptian daily life. Once you have chosen your game genre, select a creation level: the higher the level, the more you can include in your game. Finally, consider what the storyline or premise of your game will be. THINK BEFORE YOU CREATE!!

Next, write a paragraph (5-6 sentences in length) that includes what your game will be about (the backstory to it and what you will be doing in the game) and how the game you will create with a god in mind relates back to how religion affects daily life. Show this paragraph to the approver  -- once you have approval, create a user account and begin making your game!

When you finish your game, “publish” (upload) it so all of Sketch Nation can play, and turn in your final paragraph to your teacher.

Games Created

Here are some games about Ancient Egypt that were created following this lesson plan.

Isis and the Riveting Rescue of Osiris

Egyptian Rain

Egyptian Afterlife

Weighing of the Hearts Ceremony