Sketch Nation Create Lesson Ideas:

Creating Multi-Level Games

In Sketch Nation Create, both Advanced and Expert modes allow you to create games with multiple levels. Games with multiple levels are more interesting to play and are inherently more creative. Multi-level games give the creator an opportunity to tell a story and to create deeper, more meaningful games.

I. Advanced Games with Multiple Levels

Advanced games are designed to be simple to create while still offering creators the chance to add multiple levels to their game. In Advanced games, the game creator chooses which objects will appear in each level. The actual game-play level is generated randomly by Sketch Nation and is designed to be fun and challenging automatically.

After selecting your genre,  select “Advanced” in “Mode selection ”:

When creating an Advanced game, you can add a new level at the top of the screen by touching the + button.

The checkmark shows which level is currently selected:

The objects with a green checkmark, like the blue sky with clouds and the turquoise horse, will appear in level 1

The night sky with stars and the yellow horse will appear in level 2

Your Advanced game will automatically switch between the levels you create as players complete each level:

You can also specify which obstacles, powerups and enemies show up in each level:

The selected objects will show up in level 1

The selected objects will show up in level 2

This shows the user switching between levels automatically in an Advanced Mode game, complete with different enemies and powerups:

II. Expert Games with Multiple Levels

Expert games are designed to give experienced Sketch Nation users a way to create more detailed games. Expert mode includes a level editor that let’s you add whatever you want to each level and to design it as you see fit.

To create an Expert game, select “Expert” under “Mode selection”:

Once in the game, you can add a level by selecting the + symbol under Levels:

You can edit the level’s background by first selecting the gear icon to edit the level settings:

Then tap the background image until it shows the one you want for this level:

To enter the level editor, select the drawing symbol under the level image:

Then you can add to each level whatever objects you want to make it unique:

Level 1

Level 2

Here is what our Expert game looks like when we play it:

Aside from being more detailed and interesting, multi-level games allow the student to show both progress and to tell a story. For example, here is a “Wizard of Oz”-style game showing the progression from gray-scale Kansas to colorful Oz:

Next time your students are making games with Sketch Nation, have them try their hand at creating multi-level games. You can start with having them create a game in Advanced mode, where all they have to do is select which objects belong to which level. For more advanced users, you can have them try making their own levels in Expert mode.

We hope this lesson idea provides inspiration for students to use Sketch Nation to create multi-level games!