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Sketch Nation offers a free, easy on-ramp to some basic building blocks of coding, like app design and game logic -- supporting STEM learning while integrating well into the humanities, social and natural sciences, and engaging and delighting students, as these examples show.

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What students are making

Here are some real games created by students around themes they were studying.

Climate change

"Defeat Global Warming 2"

Platformer, Expert

"Global Warrior 2"

Platformer, Expert

"If its not mean its clean"

Platformer, Expert

"Glacier Quest"

Platformer, Expert

Ancient Egypt

"Egyptian Rain"

Up jumping, Expert

"Get to the Afterlife 2"

Platformer, Expert

Rainforest exploration

"Rainforest Run"

Platformer, Expert

"Rainforest Jump"

Up jumping, Expert

"Rainforest Run"

Side running, Expert

"Rainforest Bird"

Platformer, Expert

What teachers are saying*

(Courtesy of Holy Family Catholic Primary School)

(Courtesy of Tina Zita @tina_zita)

Design a game utilising aspects of the fantasy genre

Year 5 students created games exploring the fantasy genre.

Create Chinese New Year games

Year 4 students at Fazakerley Primary created games about the Chinese New Year.

Create global warming games

Students created games to educate others about global warming.

Create a food web game in science class

"Start a food web unit with students each creating a game. Choose an ecosystem and brainstorm a list of animals that live there. Then, have students choose an animal to be their main “player” and move on from there".

Provide students "an open-ended creative task"

"There is no better way to engage students than giving them the opportunity to make and share their own games. All you need is a pinch of imagination and the new Sketch Nation Create app".

Write persuasive descriptions of games

Year 5 and 6 students designed their own games, then wrote persuasive descriptions for them.

Create own World War 2 game

Year 4 pupils used Sketch Nation to create their very own World War 2 game. They had to create their own background, players, obstacles and control the settings.

Launch Sketch Nation club at primary school

Using Sketch Nation to create games as a fun extracuricular activity for digitally minded kids.

Make Pied Piper inspired games

Year 4 Bradley Green Primary students used Sketch Nation to make Pied Piper inspired video games

Learn programming skills

Year 4 Saint Laurence Catholic Primary students using Sketch Nation to learn programming skills

Integrate game design into a cross-curriculum project

6th grade students created their own game, wrote promotional materials, designed a logo, title and advertising materials (poster, video and blog post), then presented and marketed their games to the 5th grade class.

Extend literature study from book reading to game development

Blog post and video of Davyhulme Primary School (UK) students used Sketch Nation to present what they learned about the book Kensuke’s Kingdom.

Engage with current events like the World Cup through game development

Sketch Nation included in an eBook for teachers about iPad lesson ideas for the World Cup.

Learn game design and programming

The Browning School in New York used Sketch Nation to develop students’ creativity and innovation skills.

Learn about healthy eating

Students use Sketch Nation to create games for Health Eating Week.

Improve math skills

Sketch Nation offers a fun, interactive way to improve math skills.

Walk with the dinosaurs

Students use Sketch Nation to show what they know about the times of the dinosaurs.

Create historical topic game

History gets animated as students use Sketch Nation to show off what they learned about the Titanic.

*Some of these blogs and tweets are about Sketch Nation Studio, our previous version. Our new, much improved version is called Sketch Nation Create and we will add more postings as we have them.

Sketch Nation vs. Other Platforms

How does Sketch Nation Create compare to other "game-creation" coding tools? Here's our perspective:

Sketch Nation
Hopscotch Scratch Jr. Tynker Roblox Codea Pixel Press Minecraft TinyTap
Get started
Cross-platform availability? iPhone, iPad, Android, Web iPhone and iPad iPhone and iPad iPhone and iPad PC only iPad only iPhone and iPad iPhone and iPad iPhone, iPad, Android, Web
Price? Free Free with in-app purchases (IAP) Free Free with IAP Free with IAP $14.99 Free with IAP $26.95 PC / $6.99 Mobile Free with IAP
Play online and offline?
Game creation
Ease of student game creation?
Many genres out-of-the-box?
WYSIWYG editor? Actual coding required Glyphs
Use own drawings and photos? Limited
Classroom value
Teaches game logic?
Wide variety of uses? Limited Limited

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