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It’s easy to get started using Sketch Nation Create.

Simply download the app from the links above and create an account*. Open the app and select “Create game” to see the different genres available. You can just pick one and start creating! Or you could try playing a few of the more popular games on our site to get a sense of how other users have become game creators.

* You can play without registering but you can only share your games with the community if you create an account.

Example games:

Space Adventure

Up scrolling, Expert

The Racing

Traffic, Simple

Get the Broom

Up jumping, Expert

Step 1:

Create an account

Step 2:

Select genre


Like Mr Jump®, where the player always runs and jumps over obstacles

Like Doodle Jump®, where the player jumps from platform to platform

Like Flappy Bird®, where the player flies between obstacles

Like 1942®, where the player avoids and shoots down flying enemies

Like Spy Hunter®, where the player tries to avoid other cars on the road


Like Lunar Lander®, where the player tries to gently guide the lander to the ground

Like the New Super Mario Bros.® for the Nintendo Wii®, where multiple players can play together at the same time

Like Super Mario Bros.®, where the player navigates a level, avoiding enemies and collecting powerups


Like 2048® or Threes!®, where the player combines tiles to create bigger value tiles

Like Candy Crush Saga®, where the player tries to combine 3 or more of the same piece

Step 3:

Choose game-creation mode

Simple mode

Create your very own game in a few minutes

Advanced mode

Change settings and create multiple levels

Expert mode

Create your own levels with the level editor

Step 4:

Now draw, play and share your game!

Side running simple example

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