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"Each game-building exercise gives students a mental-gymnastics workout by stretching their minds and jogging their memories as they assemble the parts of a working computer game. The app may also help students boost other learning and study skills. “


"From all the different game genres to the different parameters you can set for the objects in the game, it's crazy how deep this rabbit hole goes and with the ability to create and share games online through the game itself it's fun to see the incredible things people think up to do within the boundaries of the game.”


"Sketch Nation is a true STEAM-focused learning app that lets kids design and share their own games. Sketch Nation Create teaches more than just basic game design. Kids draw, plan stories, create the environment, and solve problems.”


“The variety of options -- types of games and different modes for creating, from simple to expert -- will engage kids designing their first game and those with more experience.”


"Sketch Nation is a wonderful free app (iOS/Android) and website for creating games...All a student has to do is select their category of game (i.e. platform, jumping, etc.) then draw their backgrounds/characters/items and let Sketch Nation do the rest. The advanced level editor will help students create more complex games and work on their STEM skills. “


"We spend a lot of time talking about communication in education. It is, after all, one of the four Cs... Student-created video games give kids one more tool for communicating their understanding and ideas in an engaging manner. Plus, it’s fun!”


"Sketch Nation [Create] offers students a medium to create games and share them with their friends. The website offers basic blocks of coding to help students design a game on their own. What can be better than asking kids to create a game of their own, to bring out their creativity and imagination…”


“Sketch Nation is a game design canvas that requires no coding skills but still creates a polished and custom game experience ... [Students] will be instantly engaged in a curriculum that will take them further towards an understanding of computer science.”*


* Review of Studio but fully applies to Sketch Nation Create

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Sketch Nation lets you create games by drawing them. Select a game genre and then, using your own art, photos and ideas, design characters, scenery and objects to bring your games to life! Want others to see your games? Share them with friends and players in the Sketch Nation community.

Sketch Nation is free, easy to learn and fun to use, providing education, entertainment and storytelling all at once.

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