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Lesson Ideas

Here are some ideas instructors can use or build on when bringing Sketch Nation to students of various ages and skills — whether teaching about technology itself, or using technology to enhance other aspects of the curriculum.

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Sketch Nation is a great way for students to tell a story. Storytelling with Sketch Nation let’s students show off what they learned or how well they understood the subject matter from a class or project. Students can tell a story using the game’s description, by adding introductions to each level, and even by adding storytelling elements inside Platformer Expert games.


Multi Level Games

In Sketch Nation Create, both Advanced and Expert modes allow you to create games with multiple levels. Games with multiple levels are more interesting to play and are inherently more creative. Multi-level games give the creator an opportunity to tell a story and to create deeper, more meaningful games.


Exploring History

Game creation provides an excellent platform to help children learn history, integrating well into project-based learning (PBL) activities. Many teachers use Sketch Nation in non-technical subjects like this, as our app allows for open-ended creativity, communication and peer engagement all in one.


Math Games

Creating and playing math games is an excellent application for the Sketch Nation platform. Many teachers use Sketch Nation to inject creativity into STEM subjects, and math is no exception. This lesson tool provides ideas on how to use Sketch Nation to teach math through game creation, and the best practices to create compelling math games.


Computer Graphics

Sketch Nation is a great way to teach the basics of computer graphics -- the way computers and mobile devices display images. In this tutorial, we explain some key aspects of game-related graphics, including pixels, palletization and animation, and suggest ways to engage students with these topics.


Fundamentals of Coding

Sketch Nation offers a great on-ramp to teach the fundamentals of coding -- the instructions that control how computer hardware and software behaves. Creating games with the Sketch Nation platform allows students to experiment with direct computer commands and logic, providing virtually real-time feedback into how well their ideas translate into application performance.


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