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A lot has happened since we last sent out our May update...most importantly, we've launched Sketch Nation Create Version 4.0!

This version has major new features which the Sketch community has asked for, including MULTIPLAYER and SOUND RECORDING options.


Introducing Sketch Nation Create V4.0, the World’s First Robust Multiplayer Game Creation Platform for iOS, Android and the Web.

Create, play and share your own multiplayer games, on any device!


We continue to add more content to our web site including two new lesson ideas: "Exploring History" and "Math Games". Each of these tutorials illustrates ways to use Sketch Nation for subjects beyond technology, as many teachers have suggested.

We also released an updated version of Sketch Nation Create (V3.1) with some cool features.


There are many ways to engage and educate students using Sketch Nation Create -- including teaching a variety of coding skills with our platform. Since understanding coding is such a critical skill for today's students, we recently published a couple of easy-to-use coding tutorials and lesson ideas on our web site, and wanted to share these with you directly.


We've just released Sketch Nation Create 3.0 for iOS, Android and the Web, and are excited to share some of the cool things about this update!

Since so many teachers, students and gamers are using our app as they learn coding, V3.0 has some coding options, including the ability to determine custom movement for enemies.

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